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NOTICE: We are discontinuing our hardcover titles and converting them to softcover, due to the high cost of producing hardcover books. We don't want to raise our prices to cover these new costs and make the books unaffordable. Look for new softcover versions coming soon, which will have lower prices than their hardcover counterparts. Their content will be exactly the same as the originals. We will continue to sell hardcover versions of current inventory we have on hand, but once they are gone, we will be switching to the new softcover versions. 

Don't be fooled by imitations sold on Amazon and other places. There are others out there trying to cash in on our success at bringing these great books back to light by selling inferior facsimile editions, Kindle editions, and text-only editions of many of our titles. Lost Classics's editions are completely re-typeset and updated and often have new made-for-our-editions illustrations added along with other features not in the originals. Many poor reviews refer to those inferior editions, even when they appear on the real thing's detail page. To be sure you get the very best edition, make sure what you buy is from Lost Classics Book Company.

English Grammar
American History
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