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 About Our Books 

QUALITY EDITIONS * Quality papers are used throughout. * Durable binding in either hardbound or softcover. * Each book is completely retypeset, not simply shot from original books. * Painstaking proofreading--each title goes through more than five proofreads before printing & additional proofreading before reprinting. * Each illustration is carefully scanned one at a time in-house for reproduction in our new editions. Left from In the Heart of the Rockies. * Our covers are either carefully reproduced by hand from the original cover art or we search the world for beautiful artwork that is appropriate to the subject of the book. Cover art has come from such collections as The Fogg Museum, The Kunsthistorisches (Fine Arts) Museum in Vienna, The Museum of the Confederacy and others.

ENHANCED EDITIONS  * Cross-referenced glossaries have been added to all our fiction titles. These glossaries make an exciting adventure story also a great learning tool. Each word is divided into its syllables and a contextual definition is provided. (Above-typical glossary entries from For the Temple. Please Note: due to the limitations of web page design, the entries may not display properly in all browsers, especially the symbol marking the accented syllables.) * Being careful not to change the stories, we have updated the punctuation in most of our fiction titles to make them better educational tools.

* Where appropriate, new map illustrations have been created in-house specially for many of our editions. These maps help the reader follow and understand stories that take place at sometimes unfamiliar times and places. Left-from For the Temple.




Meticulously reproduced images from the original

books are used and new map illustrations are often

drawn specifically for our editions.



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