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A History of the United States and Its People

A History of the United States and Its People

Author: Edward Eggleston
Category: American History
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 443
Ages: 12 and up
Type: History | Youth | Biography
Illustration: Illustrated
Rating: 1040L
A History of the United States and Its People is the third book in Edward Eggleston's history textbook series. You won't find political correctness or revisionism here--just solid American history. And more than that, you get a book aimed at making the teacher's job easy, while at the same time stimulating the student's interest.
Eggleston does this with a wealth of features like:
Arrangement by topic so the student sees cause and effect clearly
Study questions to aid students in mastering the facts in each chapter
Study by topics: essay questions that can be used for written or oral discussion
Fill-in exercises after many chapters
Liberal use of maps as a teaching tool which helps the student master geography as well as history
Suggestions for diagrams, reviews and other blackboard exercises
Scores of illustrations by some of the best artists and engravers of the time.
Big 17 page index
No question. Eggleston's easy-does-it technique allows teachers and parents to teach history with proficiency and allows students to savor and comprehend the facts and lessons of America's history.
An American history textbook that captures the imagination, makes children proud of their heritage - and teaches virtue by example.
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