The Elson Readers, Book Seven

The Elson Readers, Book Seven

Author: William H. Elson  Category: ReadersCover: SoftcoverPages: 552Ages: 12 - 13 | Seventh GradeType: Literature | Youth Illustration: IllustratedRating: 1190L About Book SevenBook Seven introduces a world of literature that advances students’ knowlege of the world around them and provides rich and fertile ground for the development of not only their vocabulary and grammar, but their imagination, literary appreciation, humor, and values. This volume contains a wide range of literature, from stories of the legendary King Arthur to epic works of American literature. Here will be found the works of giants of English literature such as Shakespeare, Masefield, Longfellow, Twain, Whitman, and Thoreau, to name only a few.“The World of Nature” reminds us of the beauty of the world of which we are a part and with which we must sometimes contend. “The World of Adventure” is filled with romance and legend. In “Our Inheritance of Freedom” are stirring works which all American children should know—“Liberty or Death” by Patrick Henry, “Times That Try Men’s Souls” by Thomas Paine, for example—which remind us all how dearly American liberty was purchased. “Literature and Life in the Homeland” is filled with essential selections from our uniquely American literature.

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