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The Young Carthaginian

The Young Carthaginian

Author:  G. A. Henty 
Category: Historical Fiction
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 403
Ages: 10 and up
Type: Fiction | Youth | Historical Fiction
Illustration: Illustrated
Rating: 1300L
For the Temple descends into the turmoil that ended in the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus in AD 70. John, a 15-year-old Galilean, fears that the Jewish revolt against Rome could bring disaster on his people--and the temple. Then, his bravery in a storm attracts the attention of the governor, Josephus. Suddenly, he finds himself in the forefront of events. After escaping from the massacre at Jotapata in AD 67, John, with his loyal band, becomes a hero to the Jews and a scourge to the Romans. He disrupts Roman work parties . . . showers arrows and boulders onto troops . . . burns Roman camps . . . rescues his betrothed from slavery . . . even fights Titus himself in hand-to-hand combat . . .
"John's knife fell from his hand. He tried to rise to his feet, then everything seemed to swim round and he fell insensible. Titus rose to his feet; he was shaken by the fall and he too had lost much blood. Panting from his exertions, he looked down upon his prostrate foe and the generosity which was the prevailing feature of his character, except when excited in battle, mastered him. 'By Hercules, that is a gallant youth, though he is a Jew and he has well-nigh made an end of me! What will Vespasian say when he hears that I have been beaten in a fair fight and owe my life to the mercy of a Jew!'"
In the final defense of the temple, John is delivered yet again, only to be enslaved. But his slavery leads him to Caesar's court and finally home, not just to Galilee, but to that Galilean preacher his father had recognized as a prophet forty years before.
This book includes three new map illustrations created specially for this edition.
Bonus! Includes a Build-Your-Vocabulary Glossary.
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