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The Minute Boys of Lexington

The Minute Boys of Lexington

The First of Two Books in the Minute Boys Series
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    The year was 1775. The Colonies teetered on the brink of war with Britain. The brave patriots of Lexington and Concord stood ready. In this world, sixteen-year-old Roger Morse grew up before his time. The Minute Boys of Lexington is the first book in Edward Stratemeyer's series for young people detailing the events of the American Revolution. Written in the late 19th century, it is the kind of adventure story missing from the ranks of today's children's books. So, come, boys and girls, and let the rousing story of the exploits of Roger Morse and his friends transport you back to another time—a time when the future of our country was at stake. Follow these young men as they fight the British with courage and determination in the name of justice and liberty for all. "Roger's heart almost stopped beating…What was this the British officers were saying? They were going to capture Samuel Adams and John Hancock and place them under military arrest! The two greatest men, politically, the colonies at that time knew! "'It must not be,' thought the boy. 'I must tell Captain Parker,—everybody. Somebody must know where Mr. Adams and Mr. Hancock are stopping tonight, and warn them to seek a place of safety. And the militia and minutemen must be on guard, too, against the troops General Gage is going to send from Boston. That surprise must not be all on one side!' With bated breath he was on the point of slipping back into the kitchen, when he felt a cold, bony hand on his collar. Wheeling about, he found himself face to face with a soldier." Valuable Bonus for Homeschoolers Includes a Build-Your-Vocabulary Glossary of some 422 words and definitions. Each word is cross-referenced with its page number so children can easily go back and see how it is used in the story.
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