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The Life of Kit Carson

The Life of Kit Carson

Author: Edward S. Ellis
Category: American History
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 364
Ages: 10 and Up
Type: Biography | History | Youth
Illustration: Illustrated
Rating: 1250L
Kit Carson is one of America’s true heroes. Born in 1809, he became the most famous hunter, scout, and guide ever known in America. More than that, he was a man of character, as we learn in this tribute to Kit Carson by General J. F. Rusling, written expressly for this biography:
What impressed one most about his face was its rare kindliness and charity—that here, at last, was a natural gentleman, simple as a child, but brave as a lion. He soon took our hearts by storm, and the more we saw of him the more we became impressed with his true manliness and worth.
Not only a biography, this book is an excellent educational tool for teaching American history and geography, not to mention virtue.
Edward Ellis’s research includes original sources along with material exclusively commissioned for this book. The Life of Kit Carson is a story of the expansion and exploration of America’s West. Hardship was a way of life. Can you imagine travelling barefoot over the California terrain in a desperate effort to save American troops from Mexicans? Kit Carson and a compatriot did it.
But there was triumph too as the writings of Carson’s friend Lt. John C. Fremont illustrate. A group of explorers had climbed the highest peak in the Rockies and Lt. Fremont describes the scene:
Having now made what observation our means afforded we proceeded to descend…We had climbed the loftiest peak of the Rocky Mountains and looked down upon the snow a thousand feet below, and, standing where human foot had never stood before, felt the exultation of first explorers.
Yes, this is the kind of history and geography lesson your children will love.
BONUS! This book includes a Build-Your-Vocabulary Glossary for quick look-up of words children may not know & a map showing John Fremont's first 3 journeys.
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