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Stand by the Union

Stand by the Union

Author: Oliver Optic  
Category: Historical Fiction
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 362
Ages: 10 and up
Type: Fiction | Youth | Historical Fiction
Illustration: Illustrated
Rating: 1120L
Fourth Book in the Six Book Blue and the Gray Series
Christy Passford reports for duty only to find an impostor already in his place on board the transport ship headed for the Gulf. Unable to convince his superior officers that he is the real Christy Passford, he is made a prisoner of the Union navy. In spite of these complications, Christy solves this mystery and uncovers a clever plot by his cousin Corny and his Southern compatriots to abscond with an entire Union naval warship—Christy’s own command—right out of the midst of the Eastern Gulf Squadron!
After regaining command of his vessel, Christy continues his blockading duties around St. Andrews Bay, on the Florida panhandle. Christy’s uncle, Homer Passford, a staunch Confederate, is found on board a sloop that the Union ship has boarded and Christy learns of another blockade runner that he is determined to claim for the North.
From St. Andrews, Christy and his crew are bound for Isle Grande Terre on the south side of the Mississippi Delta. Although disappointed that they were not assigned up the Mississippi with the rest of the fleet, a daring reconnoitre reveals Confederate shipping to be had at this small Delta port. A small scale battle ensues, this time with serious consequences for Christy.
Bonus! Includes a Build-Your-Vocabulary Glossary of 263 words. Includes a new map illustration created specially for this edition.
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