On the Blockade

On the Blockade

Author: Oliver Optic  Category: Historical FictionCover: SoftcoverPages: 357Ages: 10 and upType: Fiction | Youth | Historical FictionIllustration: IllustratedRating: 1160L Third Book in the Six Book Blue and the Gray SeriesThe third book in The Blue and the Gray Series continues Christy Passford's adventures during the Civil War.Christy Passford sets sail for the Eastern Gulf Squadron, but finds that Confederate agents abound on his new command, the United States steamer Bronx. Christy's Orders are to intercept two new Confederate gunboats on their way to the States from England before they can do any mischief to the Union navy or shipping. The presence of spies on board complicates matters as the sailors from the Bronx, in the guise of a fellow Confederate man-of-war, are about to board the Confederate gunboat:The hands who had been stationed for the purpose immediately used their grappling irons, and the two vessels were fast to each other."Boarders!--" the first lieutenant shouted at a sign from the captain, but before he could complete the order, Pawcett, for we may call now by his right name, leaped on the bulwarks of the Bronx."This is a United States--" he began to say, but he was allowed to proceed no further, for the first lieutenant raised the revolver he carried in his left hand, doubtless for this very purpose, and fired . . .Following this intrigue, Christy is assigned a dangerous mission to investigate the situation regarding blockade runners in the Cedar Keys. Opportunity presents itself during the reconnoiter and Christy attempts a capture of the Confederate shipping there, with the aid of stealth and daring.Bonus! Includes a Build-Your-Vocabulary Glossary of 292 words. Includes a new map illustration created specially for this edition.

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