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Hope and Have

Hope and Have

Author: Oliver Optic  
Category: Historical Fiction
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 272
Ages: 8 - 12
Type: Fiction | Youth | Historical Fiction
Illustration: Illustrated
Rating: 960L
Oliver Optic wrote many delightful stories for children back in the 19th century. Hope and Have introduces us to a young orphan named Fanny Grant, who undergoes a miraculous transformation. When we first meet Fanny, we see a very naughty girl, who lacks direction, respect and self-discipline. The first part of our story relays how Fanny, through trials, triumphs and her faith in God, has a change of heart. The second part of the story follows Fanny's adventures during the terrible Indian massacre of 1862 in Minnesota. The gripping story of how Fanny and a young man named Ethan French escape the Indians makes this a captivating book and a wonderful lesson in how God's grace saves us-in more ways than one.
BONUS! This book includes a Build-Your-Vocabulary Glossary for quick lookup of words children may not know.
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