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Coming! An Advanced Language Textbook!

Work has begun on a new title to continue the language curriculum started with the popular Serl Language Lessons books. Unfortunately, Emma Serl did not produce an "Advanced" Language Lessons book, so Lost Classics has looked far and wide for a suitable book for students over age 12, who have completed Intermediate Language Lessons. We have now found a worthy followup and work has begun preparing it for press.

This new title is delayed but should be available early 2015!

Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans

SKU: ISBN 0-9652735-2-0
Author: Edward Eggleston
Category: American History
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 163
Ages: 6 - 8
Type: History | Youth | Biography
Illustration: Illustrated
Rating: 560L
America's heroes come to life for children, thanks to this 1895 classic by Edward Eggleston.
Edward Eggleston captures America's heritage in the best way possible for children: with imaginative stories about great Americans. Stories written at a time when Americans wanted their children to be proud of their country. Stories that bring the people and the times to life. Stories designed to give hours of reading pleasure.
52 charming sketches from the original book, first published back in 1895, perfectly complement the text. The 52 chapters here include stories about war heroes, statesmen, explorers, inventors, writers, artists, scientists and just plain ordinary people who made a difference. The lives of these men and women wonderfully illustrate the virtues children need to learn. Virtues like courage, unselfishness, honesty, patience, ingenuity, kindness, independence and perseverance.
You get stories about great American men and women like . . .
Daniel Boone, Francis Scott Key, George Washington, Eliza Lucas, Marquette, Benjamin West, George Rogers Clark, Daniel Webster, William Penn, Louisa May Alcott, Charles Goodyear, Kit Carson, Thomas Jefferson, Benezet, Robert Fulton, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Thomas Smith, Horace Greeley, Lewis and Clark, General Marion, Benjamin Franklin plus over a dozen more!
Price: $14.95
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